About Angela

website 4Angela Davis was first introduced to the Hakomi method in 2000 when she participated in Hakomi workshops in Vancouver with Donna Martin. She felt like she had discovered her life path and the power of this simple method. She has been a part of the Hakomi community since the Hakomi Network began the Vancouver training in 2004.

Angela had the honour of training with Ron Kurtz, the originator of the Hakomi method. She holds a deep gratitude for Ron, who died in 2011, as well as her many wise and caring teachers.

She was certified as a Hakomi therapist in 2007 and opened a private practice in Vancouver while she continued to support the Vancouver training as an assistant. In 2010 she was recognized as a teacher. Angela is delighted to share her knowledge and experience with new and continuing students of the Hakomi method.

She has moved to Kamloops, in the interior of BC, where she invites people to discover more freedom and less suffering by turning toward their natural impulse to heal and be whole. She takes joy in helping others find this freedom and holds a compassionate safe space in which to unfold.